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Collection: Viking Outfit

Viking Outfit

If you are interested in Nordic history and enjoy dressing up, you might consider wearing a Viking costume. Drakka has assembled an impressive assortment of Viking attire.

It is known that Viking warriors lived in relatively cold climates, which of course influenced the clothing they wore. The climate of Scandinavia is comparable to that of northern Europe, and Viking warriors wore layers of clothing to keep warm during the typically mild summers and harsh winters.

In ancient Norse times, the essential components of a Viking outfit were typical. The Viking warrior's wardrobe would consist primarily of footwear, pants, shirts or tunics, and cloaks. All of the clothes, like shirts, tunics, and pants, would be made to keep the wearer warm and would be simple and loose-fitting so that they could do their daily tasks.

The ancient Norse warriors wore clothing with a focus on functionality, as did every other Viking. Due to their need to travel abroad, often on long sailing journeys, it was imperative that the Viking warriors wear clothing that was suitable for the frequently harsh and chilly conditions they would encounter on the ocean's waters.

The Viking warrior's ability to move freely was the second most essential and important aspect of his attire. In the heat of battle, improper attire would place a significant strain on any warrior. The Vikings' clothing, on the other hand, was sufficiently loose-fitting to allow for easy movement, but not so elaborate or intricate as to cause problems in a scuffle.

Drakka has everything you need to make an impression at your parties, LARP, conventions, comic cons, plays, or any other special occasion if you are looking for a realistic Viking outfit that will make you look like you came from the Viking Age.



viking outfit

Is the Viking outfit female made of cotton?

Drakka used multiple materials to create this Viking outfit. We invite you to review our online collection, and if you have any questions, you can contact us at info@drakkaVikingshields.com, where we will gladly assist you.

Does the Viking knight costume come with a sword and shield?

The accessories are sold separately; however, you can select the accessories you desire from our collections, add them to your shopping cart, and we will ship them all together.


Is the grey rectangular coat of the Viking costume male available in "M" size?

Yes! This beautiful coat comes in different sizes and colors, and I'll give you the measurements for your convenience.

Size—— Chest
S———- 34-37"
M———- 38-41"
L———— 42-45"
XL———- 46-49"
XXL——— 50-53"
XXXL——- 54-57"