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MDM Custom Handmade Forged Tomahawk Hatchet, Viking Beared Camping Blade Lightweight Survival Chopping Splitting Axe with Wood Handle & Leather Sheet 18 Inch Ax - 9000

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MDM AXEs & Hunting Tools By Master Shabir Manufacturing In Wazirabad City of Damascus/Steel & Cutlery. Overall Length: 16.00'' Inches Axe Blade Length: 06.00'' Inches Handle Length: 16.00'' Inches Blade Cutting surface: 5.50'' Inches Handle Material: Dark wood handle walnut Blate Material: 5160 Moszica Pin: Yes Hardness: 50 - 62 Sheath Material: Yes MDM THROWING AXE, CUSTOM HAND FORGED 5160 HIGH CARBON STEEL TOMAHAWK BEARED HATCHET - VINTAGE VIKING STYLE POLISHED BLADE WITH ROSE WOOD HANDLE & LEATHER SHEET Stainless steel blade model produced from alloy steel in beautiful hand-forged models. This Axe has high-quality content to give an excellent edge and sharp skills. The hardness of the blade of this knife is HRC 58-60 in the laboratory and was sharpened by hand on a sharp edge. hands of durable high-quality leather sheath included cow leather. BEST FOR CUTTING - SLICING - MINCING DICING: our articles can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks - designed for cutting, slicing - mincing, and dicing of fruit - vegetables, and meat. The classic look, ergonomic handle, and ease-of-use design guarantee that you will come to rely upon it. We Are Making All Types of knives.BUYING: hammer, hatchet, combo, wood, splitting, tools, axe, head, axes, life, fire, proof, long, handed, carving, tactical, tomahawk, tops, knives, throwing, cold, steel, survivalist, , ax, tomahawks, freeze, shampoo, fast, wilderness, haven, night, bird, , camping, small, series, steve, yes, maximum, drywall, forest, service, handle, leather, shadow, box, pear, tree, gang, spear, shaped, , gold, deodorant, zen, no, funk, pit, stick, women, gift, set, white, label, dry, spray, antiperspirant, kilo, body, urban, island, sets, men, dollars, nation, ducktail, pomade, boys, hair, products,


HAND FORGED TOMAHAWK BEARDED HATCHET COMBAT THROWING HUNTING TOOl AXE | OVERALL LENGTH - 16'', BLADE LENGTH - 06'', CUTTING SURFACE 5.5'', Axes Plus knives Like full tang, survival, camping, hunting, fixed blade, sharp edge, collection, tactical, tools, weapon | High Carbon - 5160 STEEL, BEST FOR CHOPPING: Aggressive cutting angles design for better and efficient contact - Ideal for felling trees and chops medium to large-sized logs | Walnut wood dark handle fix with Mocia pin to avoid handle lose issue | Original - leather sheet, hammer, hatchet, combo, wood, splitting, tools, axe, head, axes, life, fire, proof, long,


Unless indicated differently in each product description, our shields are made out of 15mm thick birch plywood and consolidated by a steel hand-hammered umbo and iron bolts.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free US shipping. The average estimated shipping time is 30 days, including a 7 to 15 days of production for our more complex handmade crafts.

Unless advised otherwise under each product listing, we have a 30-day return policy and a hassle free return policy if you are not satisfied with your item. Terms and conditions apply.


Unless indicated otherwise, our shields have a 24 inches diameter (61 cm) and weights around 6.6 pounds (3 kg)
Because these are handmade products made with real wood blanks the sizes, textures and overall appearance may vary from the product photos and description. Some blanks might be smaller than anticipated, or larger sizes too thick to transport at a low cost. 

Care Instructions

We recommend applying three or four times per year some beeswax polish to protect the wood surface from moisture and sunlight. Apply the oil onto a lint-free cloth and rub into the wooden surface following the direction of the grain. Leave for 3-4 minutes and buff over with a clean cloth.

Authentic Viking Craftsmanship

We take great pride in creating by hand, and with the highest quality materials authentic viking crafts for raiding, display, and collection purposes.

  • Free Shipping

    Shields are expensive to ship; they are often large and heavy. But we want to make sure that you never get surprised by this high cost. This means that we sometimes lose money shipping to the far reaches of the U.S. At the end of the day, we care more about sharing this passion for Norse heritage with you than the money we make.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    If you aren't happy, or decide you want a different design, we have an easy exchange program for our shields. Just return ship the item and as soon as we receive it, we'll dispatch your replacement within 2 business days.