Drakka Viking Shields For Raiding & Display

An amazing assortment of viking shields from finely-crafted pieces which take a month to fashion or raw blanks waiting for you to paint your own viking battle-crest.

  • Birch Wood

    To match affordability with sturdiness, most of our shields are made with birch ply, birch planks, or birch veneer. Some are leather-covered; others, on request, use MDF to add battleworthy sturdiness.

  • Multiple Sizes

    Most of our standard shields are manufactured at 24", which makes them impressive but small enough that you can comfortable heft them all day. We do also offer 30" and 33" sizes.

  • Hanging Options

    Do you know that you want to mount your shield on a wall? Our shields are quite heavy, and can damage walls: so we have a special wall hangar option which is thinner, lighter, and has an easy-mount groove.