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Collection: Seax Knife

seax knife

Extending the Drakka knife collection, the Seax Knife features a broken-back seax that dates back to Germanic tribes during the migration period, establishing a direct link to the Vikings in England and Ireland. Due to its great versatility and light weight, the seax knife provided by Drakka is a lethal combat weapon that enables a heroism in combat. Invoking Norse mythology, the Vikings fought and conquered with great prowess because they believed that warriors who died in battle went to Valhalla.

The Viking seax is a very large combat knife that was carried by the majority of warriors. We stock a vast assortment of different styles of military and utility knives. The sheath of a Viking-era utility seax is beautifully decorated. The seax has a 9" overall length and a 4" unhoned high carbon steel blade. Brass embellishes the sheath of leather.

The Drakka Seax Knife is ideal for Skinning, Fishing, Filleting, Carving, Wild Camping, in the Kitchen, and in the Garden. It includes a high-quality leather sheath that can be worn horizontally or vertically on a belt or lanyard.
Fully handcrafted Viking seax knife with impeccable balance and finishing.

These knives are made of high-carbon steel, so they require special care to prevent rust and corrosion. After each use, we recommend cleaning and drying the blades. In addition, we recommend applying a thin layer of vegetable oil, mineral oil, or other suitable lubricants after each use to prevent rust. NOT recommended for dishwasher use.


seax knifeWhat makes a seax knife kit?

The Viking seax is a very large combat knife that the majority of warriors carried. Seax is a short sword that was primarily employed during the early Viking era. It is a single-edged, one-handed weapon. Hilts were composed of wood, bone, and horn. Today, it is an ideal tool for gardening, repairs, and weekend outdoor activities. Always keep in mind that knives are weapons and must be used with care.

How long is a seax knife length?

The seax is a knife with a single cutting edge and a long tapering point. On average it’s 72 cm in length, of which the tang is 17 cm and the blade is 55.1 cm.

Do you offer cheap seax knife for sale?

At Drakka we have a wide assortment of seax knifes for you, We invite you to check our online catalog where you will surely find a seax knife according to your budget.