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Collection: Viking Arm Rings

Viking Arm Rings

These sturdy Viking arm rings made from Drakka and forged from durable steel feature a bear's head clasp made of knotwork. In Norse mythology, bears represent divine power, wisdom, strength, and healing that bring harmony to the visible and unseen realms. In general, male bears symbolize masculinity, whereas female bears represent femininity.

Numerous "berserkr" (Old Norse: "berserkr") poems in Snorri's Icelandic literature attest to a thriving bear cult, as evidenced by historical sources. As a part of Norse mythology, the bracelet represents courage, self-assurance, and fearlessness. This makes one feel like a courageous Viking.

Our Viking arm rings combine city-chic style with the powerful imagery of Norse mythology and traditional Nordic design in a slightly more casual style that is great for everyday wear and goes with almost any style.

Drakka's Viking arm rings are ideal for parties, holidays, travel, and daily life. It is a surprise for your loved ones on Christmas, their birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, Valentine's Day, their weddings, engagements, or at a party.

Combine this collection with casual and semi-casual clothes and enjoy the unique Viking jewelry and striking visuals it has to offer.

With the Orik Viking arm rings on your wrist, you are on your way to becoming a great warrior.

Metal: Steel

Clasp Closure

Odin and Thor frequently assume the form of a bear as a disguise when visiting the human world. Therefore, bears were commonly viewed as the ancestors of humans in ancient times.


Viking Arm Rings

Do you recommend Viking arm rings for my boyfriend as a Viking jewelry accessory?

A Viking arm ring was a symbol of manhood, combat prowess, status, wealth, loyalty, love, family, and tribe. A Viking possessed all of these characteristics and more. Their designs frequently included Norse mythological symbols such as wolves, ravens, serpents, dragons, and bears. If your boyfriend is a Vikings fan, this is an exceptional gift for him.

Do you sell Viking arm rings for good luck as part of your Viking merch?

The Fehu rune is one of the most frequently employed runes in modern times and is regarded as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Actually, "fehu" means "cattle," and in early Norse culture, cattle were regarded as a valuable commodity. Therefore, the Fehu rune came to symbolize wealth and plenty. You can peruse our online collection to find Viking arm rings with this rune imprinted on them or in pendant form.

Which Viking arm ring may I purchase to complement a wolf Viking ring?

The wolf symbolizes Norse strength. This symbol on Viking jewelry represents Fenrir, the son of the god Loki, and a powerful and monstrous wolf. It is said that Fenrir killed the god Odin during Ragnarok. Therefore, this wolf Viking arm ring represents power in Norse mythology and culture. We are confident that it will be the ideal addition to your wolf ring.

How long is the leather cord part of the Viking arm rings offered in this Viking store?

The leather cord of these Viking arm rings is about 4 inches.