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Hugin and Munin Raven Totem Carved Viking Shield

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This highly detailed piece features Odin's Raven symbols Hugin and Munin, carved into the wood base, encircled by a beautifully designed woven braid, and the iconic Helm of Awe stave symbol. In Norse mythology, Odin's Ravens represent thoughts and memory.

Viking warriors wore those symbols on their weapons to emulate in combat a sense of strategy and rational thinking that was critical for victory, raid after raid.

Huginn and Muninn are a pair of ravens who, according to Norse mythology, are enlisted in Odin’s service. The birds depart every morning at dawn to fly around the Norse world, Midgard. At dinner, they return to their perches on Odin’s shoulders and tell him what they have seen.

Physically speaking, Huginn and Muninn don’t have much to set them apart from your garden variety raven. They are large, ominous-looking birds with inky black feathers and big, sharp beaks. Their powerful wings can lift them high into the sky, while their beady eyes allow them to make out the landscape below in vivid detail.

Although Huginn and Muninn might look like common ravens, they have been endowed by Odin with wonderful powers. First, the birds are able to fly the entire world of Midgard in a single day. Second, they have the ability to understand, and even speak in, the language of men. Third, they have extremely shrewd minds and wonderful powers of observation. The ravens are no mere spies for Odin; they are important advisors and confidants too. Huginn and Muninn can also accompany Odin into battle, where they inform him of his enemy’s movements and help him guide and heal his horse.

The shield is made out of 15mm thick birch wood, colorized using the technique of wood burning, and treated with linen seed oil, and water-based varnish. It comes with a wood handlebar installed on the back.

The shield can be used as a decorative wall hanger or as a functional piece for medieval reenactment or LARP.

Size - 75 cm ( 29.5 inches ) in diameter

Weight - cca 3 kg ( 6.61 pounds )

Material - 12mm thick plywood


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